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Top Metrics that Matter for Corporate Real Estate

March 30, 2023 I 12:00pm EST 

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Co-hosted by JLL Technologies and IFMA


Measuring real estate performance has changed radically since 2020. It’s no longer enough to look at real estate cost per square foot or per full-time employee. 
New strategic challenges are pushing companies to think deeper about the business outcomes they expect from CRE. Decision-makers have shifted their spending toward urgent new priorities around hybrid work, improved workplace experiences, sustainability, and improving operational efficiency and portfolio resilience. 
Few companies today can manage the CRE metrics that predict the success of these new initiatives.

Join this thought-provoking deep dive with the experts behind Metrics That Matter, the research report from JLL Research.

You'll learn:

  • Top 15 fundamental metrics for CRE
  • What these metrics reveal about both real estate and business productivity
  • Strategies to improve decision-making with these metrics
  • Role of technology to improve tracking and operational outcomes
Uncertain how to capture these performance metrics and put them to work? Bring your questions!


Michael Thompson

Global Head of Business Intelligence and Data Advisory, JLL Technologies 

Dr. Marie Puybaraud 

Global Head of Research, JLL 

Richa Walia 

Director, EMEA Corporate Research, JLL 

Who Should Attend? 
  • CRE leaders and practitioners
  • Facilities leaders and practitioners
  • CRE Investors and portfolio managers
  • IT leadership
  • HR Leadership 
  • Workplace leaders and practitioners
  • ESG/Sustainability leaders and practitioners

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